1 rue Rene Thom

91190 Gif-sur-Yvette - FRANCE

Ph: +33/01 69 15 62 85

I am full professor at LISN-CNRS, and the head of the AO team, a joint INRIA team (co-head G. Charpiat), that focuses on machine learning and stochastic optimization. I work mostly on timeseries analysis and manifold optimization. I teach at the Computer Science departement of IUT d’Orsay and in the Master AI. I follow and promote open science guidelines, including for sharing data and codes. I am the lead developer of MOABB, to push the reproducibility of research on brain-computer interfaces and to ensure a fair and open benchmarks of all machine learning pipelines on those data. I am in charge of the PyRiemann package, that define machine learning algorithm for processing timeseries through the Riemannian geometry of symmetric positive definite matrices. I am the author of MDLA, a framework for dictionary learning on multivariate time series. I contribute to various open source projects, such as and pymanopt, Geomstats and others.

I serve as president for Cortico, the French academic association promoting the advances in brain-computer interface. Cortico hosts a two-day conference every year: Bordeaux in 2017, Toulouse in 2018, Lille in 2019, online in 2021 and Grenoble in 2022 and Paris in 2023.

Previously, I was actively working in the handicap workgroup of Universite Paris-Saclay. We have organized the Handiversite meeting in 2016, 2018, 2021 and 2023. Specific efforts are made for promoting and teaching computer accessibility, with a mission to coordinate global policy for general accessibility and inclusion in Universite Paris-Saclay.

Past position:

  • Associate Professor at LISV, in team Assistance & Interface that focuses on assistive robotics.
  • Post-doc fellow in LTCI (Signal processing department, Telecom ParisTech) on Brain-Computer Interfaces in EEG
  • Post-doc fellow in TAU team (INRIA Saclay - LRI funded by the ASAP ANR project on deep learning and swarm intelligence.
  • ATER (french assistant professor) in ETIS lab in Neurocybernetic team on neural models of visual preattention and in Computer Science department of Universite de Cergy Pontoise
  • PhD thesis on the implementation of a preattentional system with spiking neurons, in LIMSI-CNRS, under the supervision of Philippe Tarroux and Helene Paugam-Moisy.